Referee Certification Classes - Aug 15 in Omaha

New Referee Certification Clinics are scheduled as follows:

August 9 in Lincoln

August 15 in Omaha

September 12 in Omaha

You will need to register - take the online course and then attend a classroom session.  For more information and to register:

August 12 - Seminar for Coaches, Parents & Referees


Thanks for your help during the spring season.  The fall season will begin August 20.  If you are a new referee, please fill out the "sign up to ref" info and I'll be in touch.  If you are a returning referee and your information has changed, please fill out the "sign up to ref" info and I'll update your records.  I look forward to working with everyone again this fall.

NSSA Weather Policy

NEBRASKA STATE SOCCER ASSOCIATION (ALL LEAGUES) WEATHER PLAN      JULY 19, 2014                                                                                

Weather Safety Plan/Lightning Safety                                                                      

Before games are played, league organizers are listening and monitoring the latest forecast to determine the likelihood of thunderstorms. If thunderstorms are forecasted, league organizers will consider canceling or postponing the activity. Once people start to arrive at an activity/event, the guidelines below should be followed.

Stopping Activities/Events:

 In general, a significant lightning threat extends outward from the base of a thunderstorm cloud about 6 to 10 miles. Therefore, people should be in a safe place when a thunderstorm is 6 to 10 miles away. League Representatives, Site Supervisors and/or Referees can stop the activity/event. Team Staff should get the attention of the Referee if they witness any of the criteria within the Safety Plan. Here are some criteria used to stop activities:

1. If you see lightning or;

2. If you hear thunder.




If you have registered as a new referee, please note that an username and password is not autogenerated.  I actually make the assignments and send you other information.  

Offside starting Spring 2015

New offside information starting Spring 2015.  Learn more in the recertificaiton classes.



If you do not have a username or password, please "sign up to ref" and you will be notified of your username and password.